Friday, 19 February 2010


The Kampala trip was a raging success and I returned to Jinja in one piece. Laura, one of my travelling companions was less fortunate. After falling in a ditch during a powercut and then accepting an ill-advised offering of painkillers (or possibly horse tranquilizers) from a doctor who'd just returned from Haiti, we ended up making a midnight trip to hospital. Despite being treated by another dubiously qualified doctor, all turned out well and Laura is now hobbling her way to recovery.

Whilst in the big smoke I visited a couple of projects (photos below). Firstly Skateboard Union (, a skatepark ran by Jackson, a Ugandan guy who doesn't get paid a penny for giving 50+ kids the opportunity to come and skate free of charge.

The second was a secondary school an hour north of Kampala. The headmaster set it up to provide cheap education, predominantly for kids who were affected by the civil war in the north of Uganda. It's proved incredibly popular and classes can top nearly a hundred students. A UK charity ServeUganda ( got involved a couple of years ago, improving facilities, and now building a new school to accomodate its ever growing population.

Kampala's (and Uganda's) one and only skatepark
An average class at the school.
Rainwater collection constructed by ServeUganda to minmise trips to the local borehole.

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