Sunday, 24 January 2010

One Week In

I am living a cycle of sweat, dust and dehydration. I've now been here nearly a week, still based in Jinja where it looks like I'll continue to be for at least another week.

Just a brief background: Jinja is Uganda's second largest city - though more of a town - on the northern shore of Lake Victoria. It's also the location of the source of the Nile so a bit of tourist hub - rafting, bungee jumping etc. Southern Uganda is fairly prosperous compared to the North though quite a few charities and NGOs work here (including the one I've been volunteering for back home & the reason I am here).

Most of the locals are either friendly or indifferent. You don't really get hassled except by the scooter (boda boda) taxi drivers and the kids who shout 'Mzungu' at you, meaning white person (though I think the literal translation is pink & sweaty).

This week has definitely been about settling in. Highlights in no particular order:

1) Introducing the high-kick to Ugandan dancing with moderate success. Neo-colonialism at it's best.

2) Eating goat intestine thinking it was squid.
3) Lying by the pool of a 5* star hotel, overlooking the Nile getting a textbook Doxycycline rash from sun exposure.
4) Asking a local prostitute if she wants a dance-off (the circumstances of this were less unethical than they sound).
5) Trying to convince a local DJ that I'd be the perfect candidate for Uganda's equivalent to 'Desert Island Discs'. (Still working on that one).

(This computer isn't up to the task of uploading photos. Will do next time when have better connection.)

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